Val de Loire

Val de Loire is a wine-making region with very varied soils. The west of Anjou, which is an extension of the Massif Armoricain, is characterized by shaly soils from where the wines draw their particularities, their identity. 

At the heart of the Chenin, between Chaume and Savennières, the wine-making property of Bellerive is 38 hectares big and has three properties, the Château Bellerive, a renowned Quarts-de-Chaume, the Château de Varennes, a sumptuous Savennières, and the Château de la Guimonière, a fruity and complex Coteaux du Layon. The range of products also includes the dry white Anjou, the red Anjou and the Coteaux du Layon. 

The white Chenin, royal grape of the Loire vineyards, offers a rich and varied palette with white dry wines for the grapes harvested at the beginning of the harvests and sweet and dessert wines for later harvests. A grape that delivers its partitions under the guidance of Denis Dubourdieu, a master in oenology working with Alain Château since 2005. 

 Managed with passion by Alain Château, owner in Anjou, each property is taken care of with attention to allow the most beautiful expressions of the chenin: harvested by hand, productivity under control, traditional fermentation in oak barrels... Since his acquisition by Alain Château in 2005, the Château Bellerive benefited from important investments allowing him to create wines with irreproachable quality and expressing perfectly the typicality of their soil. 

With Alain Château and David Grellier, it is a team loyal to the Château Bellerive working throughout the year along the rhythm of the seasons and cycles of the vineyard, in the respect of the soil and traditions… With its Quarts-de-Chaume, Coteaux du Layon Chaume and Savennières, the Château Bellerive offers a balanced range of prestigious and elegant wines.